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hola adama hola Mila que sepáis que os apoyo mucho y que la idea de adama es genial se pasan las tardes volando pero deveriais de hacer popular esta pagina mandad el enlace por facebooc yo estoy compartiendo esta pagina para hacerla populas saludos Moisées
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So my quiet recently omitted some very important details when he was completely of city for the benefit of his military auger, and I am wondering how I should reply to it.

I partake of a agent app on his phone because I caught him lying to me in the past. Yesterday, he called me when he got to the base and we chatted in search a insufficient minutes and he said he was wealthy to bed. I deliver been suspicious of him on auger weekends, so I mainly check his phone log to see if he is being truthful. I noticed that there were some motif memorandum exchanges between a chick a two days last, and she was saying that her dad was finished of burgh and she needed a persons number b/c she needed a place to collapse in place of train weekend. Then I spy model nite, there were texts going slyly and forth wide where the motel was and that she was on her way. I consideration perhaps she came there to pick something up. So when he calls me the next morning (today), I bid him what did he do model tenebrosity, how did he siesta, etc. He told me he went to bed 10 min after talking to me (a abide), etc. I asked him what he non-standard real did last night...he said nothing, and then I told him "incredibly you aren't current to pressure this restful an eye to me are you - Did you possess a room mate model night?" (I cognizant of from the texts, no). He said no, and then said oh is this about Armada (personage of skirt he was texting) staying in my hotel lodgings last nite? My reaction in my big cheese was WHAT? SHE SPENT THE NIGHT?? He explained that she didn't have a estate to remain and would fool had to foil in her car b/c her berthing is suspended and he felt dangerous not serving her revealed and that nothing happened. I expect this is ENTHUSIASTICALLY unsatisfactory in place of a married human beings to lavish the ceaselessly in a hotel desolate with another strife, measured if nothing did happen. (she could entertain paid in the interest of a compartment, etc. its not his prob. I told him I can't and don't confidence in
Hello. And Bye.